During the past few weeks, the Year 1 children from Room 11 have been exploring the text ‘Wendy’ by Gus Gordon with a focus on adding details to our writing and expanding our vocabulary. Wendy is a remarkable chicken who leaves her farm to join a travelling circus as a stunt performer. She becomes disheartened with fame and returns to her farm to embark on new adventures. The students sent Wendy on their own adventure and worked on upgrading sentences, creating their artworks and publishing their work.

JACK On a cold winter day with hail blocks raining down, there is nothing that can stop Wendy doing her stunt in space. The crowd went wild as Wendy soared from the moon to the sun.

EMMA Late in the afternoon sun, the crowd went wild as deep under the sea unflappable Wendy preformed awesome tricks, she did a flip, she did a dive, she did a triple flip under the ocean.

ATLAS On a hot afternoon, the crowd went wild under the misty leaves in the jungle.

AMELIE While working at a famous circus in Paris under the burning afternoon sun, Wendy got ready for her enormous jump as the crowd went wild.

HENRY Far away in the war in the afternoon light, Wendy soared in a huge plane as the crowd went wild clapping and cheering.

SOPHIA As the sun falls asleep, Wendy put on her special helmet and sits on her zooming fast motor cycle in the mysterious crowded jungle.

ELLIOT In the freezing jungle, Wendy jumped and she flew on a flying motor cycle in the leafy wet jungle because she wanted to be a star.

ALISHA One morning across the dark galaxy, Wendy flew her dashing rocket to show the world that she is brave.

AFRAZ In the middle of the cold afternoon, the crowd went wild as Wendy attempted her jump on the steep snowy mountain.

MADELEINE On a cold winter afternoon, the crowd went wild in the snow as Wendy rode up the steep icy mountain to be a star.

LUCAS As the sun set sun in the late afternoon, the crowd went wild as Wendy jumped 74 buses in a huge stunt to try and be famous.

SOPHIE The sleepy crowd went wild in the dark morning light as Wendy sailed her boat across the calm sea to a mysterious icy land.

JERRON Under the hot afternoon sun, the crowd went wild as Wendy soared high above the sky to the bright circus far, far away.

ELIAS On a sparkling sunny day, the crowd cheered as Wendy went higher than any chicken had ever been before.