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Budding young authors join Writers on Wattle

You might have thought that our focus on writing would have tailed off as we moved toward the end of the year. In true Unley style, this was not the case! This term we rolled out an exciting new opportunity… Continue Reading →

Spread kindness with this fortnight’s family writing challenge

You may be surprised to learn that up to 40 per cent of people in aged care in Australia do not have visitors. With current restrictions in place due to the pandemic, feelings of isolation and loneliness may be even… Continue Reading →

Family Writing Challenge

Now here’s an interesting idea… Should children be paid if they get good grades? We’re sure there are plenty of you who would love that to be the case! What does your family think? Would they agree to pay you… Continue Reading →

Family Writing Challenge

Thanks to Year 6 student, Scarlet Snow, for her inspired idea for this fortnight’s writing challenge. Scarlet has been researching the mystery surrounding a time capsule that was due to be opened at Unley Primary School in the year 2000…. Continue Reading →

Family Writing Challenge

Our inspiration for writing this fortnight comes from Shaun Gador, a Year 5 student from Room 19. Shaun challenges you to use your imagination and write about the topic A Dream Come True. What will your dream be? Perhaps you… Continue Reading →

Family Writing Challenge

This fortnight’s writing challenge was created by two Year 5 students, Ella McCurdie and Abbie Lee. Both Ella and Abbie are avid readers and writers who enjoy completing the regular writing activities posted on Unley Primary School News. Ella and… Continue Reading →

JK Rowling publishes new story online

You may have already heard the exciting news that JK Rowling has decided to share her new story, The Ickabog, online and for free. She is releasing the story in instalments to help entertain children, parents and carers confined at… Continue Reading →

Family Writing Challenge

There are many ways to construct a story. At school, we usually start by learning how to write narratives that consist of a beginning, middle and end, taught to students as an orientation, complication and resolution. This is a useful… Continue Reading →

Family writing challenge

7 May 2020 | Breaking news: UPS students make rare discovery in sandpit Year 3 students at Unley Primary School were astonished when they made an unusual discovery in the depths of the sandpit in Tommy’s Garden on Thursday morning…. Continue Reading →

Family Maths Fun – Game review of Triominos

Thanks to Jack in Year 3 who has submitted a review of the game Triominos to our Family Maths Fun series. Not only does this game supports students’ mental computation and strategic thinking skills, it is also a lot of… Continue Reading →

Activities to support children’s spelling learning

As a part of our professional learning in the area of writing and spelling, teachers and support staff at Unley Primary are exploring some common misconceptions about spelling that are important for us to understand. One common misunderstanding is that… Continue Reading →

Family Maths Fun Series – Game review of Harry Potter Cluedo

This review was provided by Luca, a Year 5 student, who has given Harry Potter Cluedo a 4.6 star rating! Thanks for your great review, Luca – you have certainly whet our appetite for a challenging strategy game! Harry Potter… Continue Reading →

Family Maths Fun – Game Review of Mobi

Hot off the press – our first review for the new Family Maths Fun series! Thanks and well done to Year 6 student, Will, who has reviewed the game Mobi. Over to you, Will… Mobi Set Up: Get 2 to… Continue Reading →

Suggestions for home learning – Term 1

We are aware that under the current circumstances, a growing number of parents are choosing to keep their child at home. The South Australian Government has today confirmed once again that schools will remain open at the present time. As… Continue Reading →

Family Maths Fun

It’s pretty safe to say that we all love a good game, and how fantastic is it when great games also allow for great learning? Over the next few weeks we will be posting a new series on the UPS… Continue Reading →

Home learning packs – Term 1

We are aware that as we face the uncertainty of COVID-19, many parents and carers are looking for some guidance when it comes to helping their child learn from home. Included here are some home learning packs from an Australian… Continue Reading →

74 Fun Things To Do Out Of School

Unley Primary students in conjunction with staff and the Education and Wellbeing Committee are excited to share with families the 74 Fun Things To Do Out Of School resource. The aim of this list is to give families suggestions of activities,… Continue Reading →

Family Writing Challenge

This week, our wonderful Year 4 teacher Paula challenges any keen writers and thinkers to consider a clever quote from Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events: “Justice is out. Injustice is in. That’s why they call it injustice.” Discuss…. Continue Reading →

Family writing challenge

The Oxford Australian Children’s Word of the Year for 2019 has recently been announced. This year, entries showed that the importance of ‘BRAVERY’ has made its way to the forefront of students’ minds, contributing to the way they perceive the… Continue Reading →

Family writing challenge

Good writers use adjectives sparingly and then the ones they do use act more strongly or dramatically. Students at our school are learning to write descriptions that include specific detail and fresh, original images or ‘word pictures’. Your challenge this… Continue Reading →

Family writing challenge

Writers often use similes to make their writing exciting and moving for the reader. A simile is comparing one thing to another usually using ‘like’ or ‘as’. This fortnight, choose a character, object, action or feeling and show how you… Continue Reading →

Family writing challenge

Over the holidays we challenge you to take the time to describe a person you know well, such as a parent, a relative or a friend. Try to describe what makes this person unique. The art of constructing a character… Continue Reading →

Developing great writers at Unley Primary School

We have recently put together some tips for parents on ways you can support your child’s writing development. Click here to read our suggestions for some fun and practical activities you can do with your child at home. Happy writing!

Family writing challenge

A list of sentences about characters follows. Each one is described by a single adjective. This tells us what the characters are like and what we should think about them. Good writing doesn’t tell us what to think. Rather, it shows… Continue Reading →

Family writing challenge

This fortnight, we challenge your family to craft a super sentence to describe one of these magical photos of children playing around the world. You could start with an ordinary simple sentence and transform it using our re-crafting strategies. You… Continue Reading →

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