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Notes from parent information session about healthy relationships and sexual development

Our recent Parent Information Session on talking to your child about healthy relationships, sexual development and emotional wellbeing with Madhavi Nawana Parker offered thought-provoking insights and practical advice. Many parents commented that a summary of the key points presented on… Continue Reading →

Volunteer to support new UPS families in 2021

With many new families beginning their journey at Unley Primary School next year, the Education and Wellbeing Committee would appreciate hearing from current parents who are willing to support new families to our school by being part of the UPS Family… Continue Reading →

Is your child ready for an adult seatbelt?

Booster seat/extended harnessed seat or correctly fitted seatbelt When your child turns 7, they’re not necessarily ready to move out of their booster and into an adult seatbelt. The law says the adult seatbelt must fit them correctly. If it… Continue Reading →

‘The Lads’ social and emotional wellbeing holiday workshop

The City of Unley Council has significantly subsidised this one-day workshop for 8-11 year old boys. Held in the UPS music room during the school holidays, this is a great opportunity for our students. The program is evidenced-based and combines… Continue Reading →

Parent Information Session: Talking to your child about healthy relationships, sexual development and emotional wellbeing

UPS has traditionally held an information session every two years on children’s growth and sexual development in response to parents’ requests for guidance on how to help their children navigate this topic. The research suggests that it’s best for parents… Continue Reading →

Talking to your child about healthy relationships, sexual development and emotional wellbeing

UPS has traditionally held an information session every two years on healthy relationships, sexual development and emotional wellbeing in response to parents’ requests for guidance on how to help their children navigate this topic. We are delighted to be able to… Continue Reading →

Maintaining a strong school-home partnership

The importance of building and maintaining strong links between home and school is well known to teachers, parents and carers at Unley Primary School. Research tells us that it is families who have the most significant influence on their children’s… Continue Reading →

Parent Information Session – Supporting students in their final year of primary schooling 2021

If your child is in Year 5 or 6 this year, they’ll be graduating from primary school next year. At UPS, planning is well underway to ensure your child’s last year in primary school is a positive experience. We warmly… Continue Reading →

Register your interest to support the UPS Family Connect Initiative

Being a part of the Unley Primary School community comes with the opportunity to be well-supported by other parents and carers, as well as members of staff. We are proud of the community spirit at UPS, and we are committed… Continue Reading →

Teaching children about keeping safe

This term, class teachers at UPS are placing a focus on child protection. They are using The Keeping Safe: Child Protection Curriculum – a child safety program for children and young people from age 3 to year 12. It teaches… Continue Reading →

UPS FitClub

Join us in Term 3 every Tuesday morning 9.15am – 10am for an outdoor training session with Sarah Kuss (UPS parent and professional PT + Pilates instructor). Sessions are only $10 and all profits go back to the school. Children are… Continue Reading →

Handling sibling conflict proactively so they fight less and stay connected

Parenting SA is hosting a free webinar with guest speaker Madhavi Nawana Parker on Tuesday 16 June at 7pm. Are you tired of sorting out sibling conflict? Want better relationships and less stress in your family? Register to hear Madhavi talk… Continue Reading →

Prioritising mental health and wellbeing

Good mental health and wellbeing are essential to a child’s education, development and quality of life. At Unley Primary School, we are committed to caring for students and ensuring their needs for support, respect and friendship are met. As children… Continue Reading →

Nutbush City Limits, YMCA and Hokey Pokey are crowd pleasers… among others!

Not even the teachers could keep their toes from tappin’ last Friday at lunchtime as music filled the school yard. To celebrate the end of a great week and help liven up our lunchtimes, the student leaders curated a playlist… Continue Reading →

Free parenting webinar: Children and screens

Parenting SA are hosting a webinar ‘Children and screens: adapting to the new reality’ at 7pm on Tuesday 12 May. Dr Justin Coulson and Dr Kristy Goodwin will answer common concerns for parents in this new situation: are my children spending… Continue Reading →

Are Snapchat, TikTok and Fortnite safe for my child?

As some students are spending more time at home and online at the moment, there have been a number of parent conversations about student use of apps including Snapchat, Fortnite and TikToc. The school’s view is that these apps are… Continue Reading →

Chalk drawings bring joy to Unley kids

If you have taken a walk around the neighbourhood recently, you may have noticed some carefully crafted chalk drawings illuminating your path. We know that one of the artists behind these beautiful creations is five-year-old Louisa, a reception student at… Continue Reading →

COVID-19 Online safety advice for parents and carers

It is likely that over the coming weeks, children will be spending more time at home and more time online. There are lots of great ways children can use connected devices to learn, play and socialise, but there are also… Continue Reading →

74 Fun Things To Do Out Of School

Unley Primary students in conjunction with staff and the Education and Wellbeing Committee are excited to share with families the 74 Fun Things To Do Out Of School resource. The aim of this list is to give families suggestions of activities,… Continue Reading →

Volunteer as a mentor for the Year 6/7 Life Changer program

LifeChanger Foundation, together with the City of Unley, invite you to attend LifeChanger’s Mentor Workshop on Thursday 12th March from 6pm – 9:30pm. The Year 6/7 students and staff at Unley Primary are fortunate to be involved in the LifeChanger… Continue Reading →

Introducing our 2020 Student Leadership Team

This year we are thrilled to have 30 Year 7 representatives as part of our student leadership team. The team consists of three different committees: Peer Support, SRC Executive and House Captains. All students went through an application process to… Continue Reading →

Free Parenting Seminar: Positive ways to help children behave

Parenting SA is hosting a free parenting seminar ‘Positive ways to help children behave’ on Wednesday 6 November, 7-9pm at the Adelaide Convention Centre. Nationally recognised parenting expert, Dr Justin Coulson, will talk about guiding children’s behaviour with positive discipline… Continue Reading →

National Child Protection Week

Children do best when life is on an even keel and their parents have the support they need. By being kind to parents, supporting family-friendly policies, and building connected communities, we’re all helping to give Australia’s children the best start… Continue Reading →

Notes from Parent Information Session with Dr Michael Carr-Gregg

Dr Michael Carr-Gregg is a child and adolescent psychologist, a well-respected speaker and one of Australia’s leading authorities on parenting and young people. He began his talk by sharing examples from research and practice on how it’s tougher to bring… Continue Reading →

Wellbeing and Engagement Data (Years 4-7) for Unley Primary School – a digest

The 2019 Wellbeing and Engagement data for Unley Primary School makes fascinating reading! It reveals areas of which the school can be justifiably proud and also identifies areas where the school community can focus its attention to ensure the best… Continue Reading →

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