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Ten sentence stories have an impact

A story doesn’t have to be long – in fact it can be just ten sentences. This term, students from Room 4 looked at creating impactful, but short, stories. We looked at a couple of examples and came up with… Continue Reading →

Missing the Olympics? UPS students have a solution!

Ready, set, roll! Potatoes this week have sprouted up from all around the world to compete in the annual Potato Olympics, hoping to claim a glorious medal! Their trainers are ready to rumble as they have their whole country behind… Continue Reading →

Through my classroom window…

16th June Today, in Room 21, we took time to reflect on and write about what we could see outside the windows of our classroom. We hope you enjoy our writing. From the Year 4 students of Room 21. Adelaide… Continue Reading →

Mary Had a Little Lamb… 2.0

The following short narrative was written by Abbie Lee, a Year 5 student in Room 19. Responding to our latest Family Writing Challenge, Abbie decided to take one of her favourite nursery rhymes and turn it into a whole new… Continue Reading →

Budding writers let their imaginations run wild

The Year 2 students in Room 17 have been engaging in an in depth study of narrative writing this semester. We have learned about simple and compound sentence structure, and how a good author is very selective with their choice… Continue Reading →

Reconciliation: embracing tomorrow by not forgetting the past

This term the Year 4 students in Room 21 have been learning about Indigenous Australians and what they traded, their art, language and how they cared for the land. Our class has been experimenting with some indigenous artwork. We have… Continue Reading →

Exploring ‘The Stone Lion’ by Margaret Wild

The Year 2 students in Room 15 have been exploring the mentor text ‘The Stone Lion’ by Margaret Wild. It is a heart warming tale of compassion and kindness.The lion has one wish, to be alive. Will his wish be… Continue Reading →

Sport to Kickstart a Friday Morning!

Every Friday in the morning, you may see some big kids out in the yard after the bell. This is because the year 6 and 7 students from upstairs participate in a Round Robin competition every Friday. As a part… Continue Reading →

ART with Room 14 – One Point Perspective

The Year 2 students from Room 14 created one point perspective drawings by following step-by-step instructions. They began with a vanishing point along the horizon line to create the 3D appearance. The buildings in the foreground needed to be drawn… Continue Reading →

Students inspired after reading The Black Book of Colors

The Year 6 and 7 students from Room 4 recently read a book called The Black Book of Colours by Menena Cottin. It’s a book about a boy who is blind and it explains how he sees the colours using… Continue Reading →

A Spotlight on Spelling

Late last year, we identified that as a part of our continuing focus on writing improvement, it would be important to pay close attention to students’ spelling. Analysis of last year’s NAPLAN writing data revealed that our students were making… Continue Reading →

That was autumn…

Upon returning to school from holidays, students wrote poems about their experience of autumn. Well done to Year 6 students Geordie and Kaila for capturing the essence of their autumnal break! That was autumn by Geordie Apps Have you ever… Continue Reading →

Examining diversity with the students from Room 22

The key question that the Year 4 and 5 students in room 22 have been trying to answer this term is ‘How can diversity unite us?’ We began the term by examining our own identity. Through abstract art and multimedia,… Continue Reading →

Treehouse Construction – Room 1

Rm 1 was given a technology task of constructing a model treehouse. We used lots of recycled materials like cardboard and toilet paper rolls. We had a house template and some people painted theirs, others stuck tissue paper or just… Continue Reading →

“Even though we have a storm happening now, at the end we will get the rainbow.”

Writing can be a powerful tool to help children express themselves during challenging times. The Year 1 children in Room 6 wrote a letter to Barley, a dog that was in the middle of a heavy rain. We talked about… Continue Reading →

Carnevale in Room 2

In our Italian lessons the students have been learning about the origins of Carnevale. In particular the famous Commedia characters that started it all. These are pictures of some of the characters!

Amazing Ideas in Room 11

In Room 11 the Year 1 students have let their imaginations run wild and designed vehicles to enter in the ‘Toyota Dream Car Contest’ as part of their learning in Design & Technology. This contest encourages and inspires creative expression… Continue Reading →

Italian Sports Cars

The Year 6/7’s have just finished a unit of work on transport. One of their assignments was to design their own Italian sports car. These are some examples!

Students shine in the Royal Adelaide Show Art Prize

At the end of last term, students from room 21 and any year 5s who wished to participate in the Royal Adelaide Art competition gathered together. Firstly we discussed what categories we could be in and made choices about which… Continue Reading →

Poignant poetry

Rabbit-Proof Fence written by Amna Sattar, Year 7 Trio cruelly snatched. Mother horrified. Grandmother helpless. Deafening engine roaring. Comfort snatched. Pitiful expressions on arrival. Enforcement racial, purposeless, unjust. Mocking surroundings. Instinctive escapade. Determination steered to triumphant fate.      

Italian Classes

The Italian students have been doing oral presentations based on their own personal details, including information about their families, friends and pets.

Developing oral language to support writing

The Year 1 students in Room 11 are developing their oral language skills and growing their vocabulary in our English lessons. With this ‘Morning Surprise’ image as a stimulus, they brainstormed describing words, suggested ideas of where the octopus may have… Continue Reading →

Amanda takes to authorship

Spears of rain drummed on Lily’s roof, while glowing beams of lightning scribbled across the gloomy night sky. Thunder bellowed. Lily woke up in a cold sweat, her eyes filled with fear and dismay. She hated thunderstorms. If this opening… Continue Reading →

Wonderful writing and fabulous families!

As part of our Inquiry theme “Who am I?”, the reception students in Room 7 have been inquiring about families, what they are and the many forms they can take. The theme has been running through all the learning areas… Continue Reading →

Healthy Eating in Room 14

The Year 2 students in Room 14 have been discussing healthy eating. They each designed the most delicious, and healthy, lunch box they could think of. We hope you enjoy our posters.

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