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What is the environmental impact of your lunchbox?

Do you or your children use yogurt squeeze pouches? They are a common snack for children, though you may not know the harm of buying one. Yogurt squeeze pouches are terrible for the environment, as they are predicted to take… Continue Reading →

Help us say no to plastic!

How much plastic do you use a day? Some experts say that plastic takes 500 – 1000 years to break down in landfill. The Green Team has estimated how much plastic our school uses in a year and we are… Continue Reading →

Serving great food with green benefits

The Green Team is thrilled that our new lunch provider is committed to reducing waste. The Village Green encourages staff and students to send along a named reusable food storage container to be used when required. You can also send… Continue Reading →

The eight most common mistakes householders make with recycling

Here are some basic rules you can adopt to ensure you are recycling effectively. Three golden rules — clean, dry and empty As a general rule recyclables should be clean, dry and empty. This means removing food scraps from containers,… Continue Reading →

Get clever and compost!

Each of us, on average, produce about 180kg of food and garden waste a year. If that is sent to landfill, it produces 15.3 kg of methane gas – a toxic greenhouse gas. Why not see if you can start… Continue Reading →

School children send 9 million ziplock bags to landfill each year

It’s estimated that more than 9 million ziplock bags go to landfill from SA schools annually. The Green Team encourages Unley Primary students to pack food in reusable containers so we can reduce the amount of packaging we send to… Continue Reading →

Consider your packaging options

The Green Team ambassadors are thrilled to be working with the Community and Fundraising Committee to encourage students to use reusable wraps for their lunches. This week the Green Team encourages you to consider your packaging options. Try using reusable… Continue Reading →

A tip from the Green Team

Did you know that small plastic items such as straws, bread tags and bottle lids are too small to be picked off the recycling conveyor line? To combat this problem, these items can be used to fill a plastic bottle… Continue Reading →

Green Team Tips

Each week the Green Team will be sharing a tip on how you can reduce, reuse and recycle. This week we thought you’d be interested to know that you can recycle alfoil by collecting enough to make an adult fist-sized… Continue Reading →

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