Dear Unley Primary School Families,

Welcome back to UPS for what will no doubt be a busy and energetic Term 4. We will look forward to catching up with you over the term, including at our upcoming UPS Art Show on Sunday 10 November.
Parent Feedback
Each year we seek the feedback of our school community to help guide our future planning. 
We would appreciate you spending a few minutes to answer some questions about our school and your childs learning. Please complete the survey here.
We thank you for your time, and invite you to get on touch if there is any related question or comment you would like to put to us.
Classes for 2020
Our teachers will soon be commencing the process to place students into classes for the 2020 year.
In doing this we consider the academic, social and emotional needs of students. As a part of this process we invite parents to submit any information you think we should take into account when placing your child in a class. Please understand that this is not an invitation to nominate a particular teacher, but you may wish to comment upon additional educational considerations and factors such as family/sibling concerns, friendships or special needs. While there are no guarantees that all requests are met, we will certainly take your feedback into consideration.
At this stage we are still not certain what the class structure will look like as we are still receiving enrolments for 2020. Teachers will be consulting with students in the coming weeks to ensure some balance of friendship possibilities and compatibility with learning partners.
Please ensure that you forward your feedback to our leadership team by emailing by the start of Week 3, Monday 28 October. Many thanks,