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Silky the Moth

Lara Kutuk from Room 19 had a sharp eye whilst in the yard last week. She found a cocoon hanging from a leaf and asked a teacher to help her get the leaf off the branch. Then she brought it… Continue Reading →

Science News

for the students to gain further knowledge This term students will be investigating chemical sciences with students furthering their knowledge and understanding of the composition and behaviour of substances and how materials have a range of physical properties which can… Continue Reading →

Science News

Physical Sciences and Energy Systems Quiz questions How many countries currently have spacecraft that can carry humans into orbit? Does any species of lizard have six legs? What don’t you find in a non-ferrous metal? The Todd River, which is… Continue Reading →

Science News

Quiz questions How do cacti survive living in the world’s driest places? What is the process by which a plant uses the energy from the sun to make its own food? Which are the biggest trees in the world? Which… Continue Reading →

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