In week 5 all of the Year 5’s went to Woodhouse Activity Centre for a two night camp. We all had a fabulous, although hot and exhausting, time. We enjoyed activities such as tube sliding, orienteering, Challenge Hill, laser skirmish, survival games, team challenges and team building. We loved our time there together!

Many thanks to our parents whose support made great adventure possible: Paul Vuaran, Carolyn Toth, Paul and Regina Oakeley, Rob Esvelt Allen and Daphne Ding.

Here is a snapshot of our time spent there.

Year 5 camp by Nyah Bettison

Everyone was so tired from the long and hot day we all just had. We all walked back to the house and had icy poles. I was running up and down the hill with some friends. At one point I was at the very top of the hill and I took 4 steps down and for a millisecond I was superman and then gravity hit me and I fell. I rolled all of the way down the hill, it was a fiasco. When I was at the bottom all of my friends ran down and helped me get up again. I had scraped my thigh, knee and my hip. Everyone kept asking if I was ok but I just kept laughing at what had just happened. I could just imagine how funny my face probably looked when I was rolling down the hill.