We are pleased to announce that Amy Reid has won the role as our Assistant Principal for the next 5 years. Amy will continue to support wellbeing initiatives across the school as well as providing curriculum leadership across the school. Amy’s position will serve alongside that of principal and deputy principal, and will, in part, replace that wellbeing coordinator and literacy and numeracy coach roles we have in place this year.

We can also announce class teachers for 2019:

Year 6 and 7:    Laura Alchin, who has won an ongoing position here at UPS.

Brenton Hillard

Kaye Lindon

Emily Butler

Year 5:              Sarah Bullen and Sarah Lawrie

Teagan Fisher and Sarah Lawrie

Year 4 & 5       Paula Lee and Eliza Kennedy

Year 4:             Stacey MacDonald

Di Murray

Year 3:            Dale O’Connor and Sue Hodgkison

Danni Giro

Year 2 & 3:  Tam Jarowyj

Year 2:         Anna Taylor

Michelle Newman and Jodie Habgood

Year 1:        Maria Koukos

Kirsty Fisher and Abbe Staugas

Elii Goodings

Rec:             Glenys Berry

Julianna Pontes Yzumida Willson

Amber Little and Linda Mitchell

Our other teaching staff comprises: Lynn Maddocks (library), Susan Marshall (music), Eric Jankevics (science),  Jo Jenkins, Paula Lee and Sally van Leuven (EALD), Joe Pipicella and Vicki Vergis (LOTE). We await the announcement for our PE teacher vacancy.

We are delighted that our current ancillary staff of Wendy, Jane, Jules, Annie, Tenille, Tan and Annie will be back on deck in 2019.

We believe we have an outstanding group of teachers guiding your children over the coming year. We will inform you of details for our Acquaintance Evening  early in the year, where you will have chance to get to know your child’s teacher/s a little better.

On behalf of all of our staff, I would like to wish every family a wonderful Christmas and a relaxing holiday. We wish all families who are leaving our school at the end of this year every success and happiness for the future.

We will look forward to seeing everyone else back here for the 2019 school year, commencingTuesday 29 January