As we head towards the end of the year, we have been planning for several Term 4 events which we have held dear for many years. The COVID- related limitations that govern our response make many of these difficult, and impossible to hold in the same fashion as we have done previously. As you can see, we have a busy term ahead, and we will keep you posted along the way. Please keep your eye on the school blog (UPS News) and the Skoolbag app to stay informed.

  • Pupil free day Monday 12 October – the first day of Term 4. School will begin for students on Tuesday 13 October.
  • Swimming Reception to Year 5 throughout weeks 1 & 2: We still have no news as to whether parents will be able to support teachers at the pool or watch lessons. We will let you know if things change at the beginning of the term
  • Book Week celebrations ‘Reading in the Wild’ with our buddies – Friday 30th October. Students will be invited to dress up as their favourite book character.
  • Governing Council Breakfast will unfortunately not be held this year, however this relatively new event will be a feature of the school calendar at UPS for years to come. It provides a great chance to socialise and raise funds for our school’s building development. Be assured that we will still provide an opportunity for families to contribute to our tax-deductible Building Fund, which has benefited significantly from our previous three GC breakfasts.
  • Music is Fun Band will celebrate with students on Thursday 19 November in the Sport Arts Centre.
  • Sports Day will be held on Tuesday 3 November, but unfortunately without parent spectators. Years 3-7 students will hopefully be at Unley Oval, subject to Unley Council permission and appropriate marshalling and supervision. Reception to Year 2 students will participate at school, on Campus 1. The usual presentation of the shield to the winning team will take place in the SAC.
  • Instrumental Music Night will be held over two nights, with parents of musicians invited, in the Sport Arts Centre:
    • Wednesday 25 November for strings performers
    • Tuesday 17 November for other musicians
  • Sports Presentation Assembly will be held on Friday 4 December.
  • Thankyou Assembly in Week 8 will provide us with an opportunity to say thanks to our wonderful community who have helped out across the year. Further details will be forwarded
  • Celebration Night will not be held as a whole of community event. Students will celebrate at our Music is Fun Band performance, held in Week 6. We believe that the mandated social distancing would be impossible otherwise. We will hold a special assembly at the end of term so that classes can farewell our departing Year 7 students.
  • Year 7 Graduation Ceremony will be held as per usual in the last week of school – Thursday 10 December, with a limit of two adult guests per student invited. A careful mathematical investigation of the Sport Arts Centre (SAC) indicates this is possible within the current social distancing requirements – just!

As always, we will provide further information along the way. We look forward to a great end to what has been a remarkable year.

Kind regards,

Peter, Julie, Amy and Dale