UPS has traditionally held an information session every two years on healthy relationships, sexual development and emotional wellbeing in response to parents’ requests for guidance on how to help their children navigate this topic.¬†We are delighted to be able to welcome back to UPS parenting and social emotional wellbeing expert Madhavi Nawana Parker to deliver an informative and supportive session on this subject for parents and carers on Wednesday 14th October at 7pm.

Madhavi will provide parents with practical tools to start and continue the conversations that matter, without awkwardness and discomfort.

Research shows that when parents talk to their child about this topic early in life, their child will demonstrate better decision-making in the future. The average age of puberty for girls is now between 8-10 years old. Some literature in this field suggests children should be made aware of the changes that will come with puberty around two years before it begins.

Madhavi is a widely published author of confidence, resilience, wellbeing and social emotional literacy books who speaks regularly to parents and young people about how to have healthy relationships, make good decisions and move ahead in life by focusing on strengths and personal values. She is Director of Positive Minds Australia.