You may be surprised to learn that up to 40 per cent of people in aged care in Australia do not have visitors. With current restrictions in place due to the pandemic, feelings of isolation and loneliness may be even greater for residents living in aged care.

This is where the kids at UPS can step in and help brighten someone’s day! This fortnight, your mission is to compose a handwritten letter to send to an older person who lives at the Resthaven Aged Care residence on Marlborough St in Malvern, just up the road from our school. We’re sure you’ll agree that this is a lovely way to spread kindness and give your time to someone who may be finding things challenging.

Some points to consider:

  • Address your letter generally by saying Dear friend, neighbour, Madam or Sir.
  • Write a little bit about yourself and your hobbies – older people are interested to know what you get up to for fun.
  • Share about the things you enjoy doing at school – the person who is reading your letter may be curious to learn what is different from their time at school.
  • Keep in mind that your letter will be read by an older person – it should sound slightly different to the way that you chat with your friends.
  • Remember to write in a friendly and respectful way – good manners will be appreciated.
  • Put your first name at the end of the letter, but don’t include private details like your home address.
  • Politely ask an adult to read over the letter before you hand it in. You could even write the letter as a family, or ask a family member to help you think about what you could include.
  • Write a letter of any length! You may like to add illustrations or other features such as a poem, fun fact or joke.

We will deliver the letters to Resthaven Malvern before the end of this term. Please drop your letters into the Front Office by Tuesday 22 Sept – Week 10. There is no need to use an envelope as we will check the letters to ensure privacy before we pass them on.

The best part about this writing challenge is that is spreads kindness – something we’re proud to do at UPS. Thank you for the part you’ll play in connecting with people who need it the most.