In Room 12 the Year 1 students have truly enjoyed exploring ‘Fox’ as our mentor text this term. We decided to do a quick write selling this book to others.  Here is a couple of our pieces of writing along with some of our descriptive sentences about the story.


If you are only going to read one book this year you must read Fox. The pictures make you understand the WOW words and that is good for kids because it will make kids read better. You must buy Fox by Margaret Wild and Ron Brooks. Paloma

If you like foxes and vocabulary get Fox from Margaret Wild. Read the book ten or hundreds of times. Buy or download, you might love the book Fox. Sean A

Obviously, Fox is an extraordinary book because it has lots of WOW words. I really consider you to get Fox, it is relaxing and wonderful. I can’t believe this book! It is the best book! You should get it before it sells out. Lakshya

Obviously, you have to buy Fox because it has beautiful illustrations. You have to buy this lovely book. Jack

You have to buy this book, it has amazing writing and drawings. I love Fox, so you will like it too. Connor

If you are only going to read one book this year… Read Fox! It’s the best book ever, pretty please take it!  Lexie

Obviously, you need to read this book for a year because it has fabulous WOW words and illustrations.

If you like magpies, you’ll like this one, it is extraordinary and helpful. it is so great that you will read it anywhere you see it.

You have to get it, it actually makes you think about the pictures in it.


Scuttling, Fox faster that anyone can run. Fox looks like a flame of hot burning fire in your eyes when you look at him. Eva

Red fur storms as fast as the winds of doom. Sean L

Clamped in dog’s gentle ice-cold mouth was magpie. Elliot

Flowing through wind Fox streaked past the forest like a flash of lighting flying through the air. Lexie

Magpie collapses in the grass in the school grounds. Tom

Trembling magpie was so frightened when the bright orange fox left her in the bright hot desert. Asha 

Magpie scrambles into the darkness, she melts into the shadows and collapses on the floor. Senara

The magpie is collapsing into darkness, she screams to dog “How would you feel to not run?” Amaya