The importance of building and maintaining strong links between home and school is well known to teachers, parents and carers at Unley Primary School. Research tells us that it is families who have the most significant influence on their children’s learning and development.

While our conversations in person look a little different these days – think elbow bumps and physical distance – staff at UPS continue to value the opportunity to maintain strong partnerships with parents and caregivers.

Here are some suggested ways for parents to stay connected to their child’s learning and contribute to a successful school-home partnership.

1. Request to meet with your child’s class teacher

While we continue to ask parents to wait outside of the classroom before and after school, you are most welcome to get in touch with a teacher to request a time to meet in person, or to see if it’s suitable for you to pop in briefly at the beginning or end of a school day. You can contact teachers via email or by leaving a phone message with the staff at the Front Office.

2. Check out the class term overview

The curriculum overview sent out at the beginning of each term is a helpful way to engage with your child and their teacher about what is happening. Also, you can find more information about what your child is expected to learn at relevant year levels by referring to the Australian Curriculum website:

3. Ask the teacher to send your child’s books home

It can be a good idea to take a look through your child’s school books every few weeks or so. Often the weekend is a good time to do this, as teachers may need the books during the school week. Ask your child to show you tasks in the books he or she is particularly pleased with and to explain topics to you. Discussing the contents of the books with your child is a great way to be connected with their learning. It is important that books make it safely and promptly back to the class ready for students to use.

4. Keep abreast of communication from school

Ensure you stay informed about what is happening at school by regularly checking our school blog, UPS News: Also, the Skoolbag app is a great organisational tool for families. If you are not receiving communication from the school or your child’s teacher, please check your email address with our front office staff.

5. Let the teacher know if there is something happening at home

It helps teachers to know if things are going on at home that might impact on a child’s behaviour, learning or motivation.

6. Come along to parent information nights

There are a range of parent information nights throughout the school year that are designed to provide parents with advice about supporting their child socially, emotionally and academically.

 7. Offer to help in the classroom or volunteer to support other school initiatives

There is compelling evidence to show that a child benefits when their parents or carers are involved with their school community. If you are not sure how you can be involved, speak to your child’s teacher or a member of the school leadership team.

 8. Visit the school library before or after school

Our library is a wonderful, warm and inviting place in which to spend time with your child. The library is open before school from 8.35am and after school until 3.45pm. Fostering a love of reading by talking about books and reading together is an excellent way for a parent or carer to support their child’s learning.