We have been busy in PE across all year levels this term! We recently started our ‘Invasion’ games unit (Basketball, netball, soccer, hockey, footy) with classes in Years 3-7. This is a fan favourite as so many students play club sports during winter. It’s really wonderful hearing the excitement when they’re talking about how their games went on the weekends.

Students are looking forward to being able to showcase their specific sport skills each week, as each week has a different invasion sports focus. There is a large group who are particularly keen for the soccer focus week(s).

Junior primary students have been enjoying their learning on ‘Net and wall’ games. By the end of this unit, students will be able to show their understanding of what makes a ‘net and wall’ game by creating their own. I look forward to seeing their learning and imagination come to life when creating a game to share with their peers!

Students are pictured here participating in small sided games that are designed to help develop transferable skills they can use in all invasion sports. These games were intended to help students learn about creating space and what they can do off the ball to assist. They did an excellent job!