As a class, Room 18 wrote two moment in time pieces to share with everyone. They wrote these about their week at swimming. There were mixed feelings as they love swimming, but they knew it would be their last time before moving up to Year 6.


I felt the tough rope as I had to untie it from a crate under aquamarine water.

I felt the refreshing water push against my red flippers.

I smelt the chlorine thick in the air, gradually rising to escape its watery prison.

I smelt the salty chips as I flew down the slippery waterslide.

I saw kids splashing exuberantly as they launched into the deep sparkling water.

I saw everyone focus and zone in on their instructor.

I wondered if we would miss this next year.


As I submerged myself underwater, I felt the surreal shimmering world around me.

I felt my heavy clothes sticking to me as I leapt into the churning water.

I heard people cheering when we reached the winners line on our rickety raft.

I heard my ears ringing as I touched the bottom of the 5m pool.

I saw the rambunctious kids bombard each other in the crystal clear water.

I saw all of the colourful sinky toys at the bottom of the pool as I dived down to get them.

I wonder if I will ever have this much fun again.


By Room 18