The UPS Education & Wellbeing Committee is excited to invite parents and carers to our next information session on Wednesday 28th August at 6.30pm.

Entitled “Developing Great Writers: how Unley Primary is making writing a priority and what you can do to help”, this session will be delivered by UPS’ leadership team and members of the teaching staff. In it we will hear first-hand from the school’s Assistant Principal Amy Reid about the school’s wide-ranging strategies for improving writing from Reception to Year 7, current pedagogical theory around the development of writing skills and ways in which families can support their children on their writing journey at home.

This is a wonderful opportunity for parents and carers to gain valuable insight into the multi-layered ways in which their children’s education is planned and delivered by teachers at our school, how their progress is assessed, analysed and built upon, and how we can best support our children.

Regardless of what stage your child is at on their writing journey, this session will be invaluable. When parents and teachers collaborate to support children’s writing, children benefit, and we urge as many parents as possible to take advantage of this opportunity.

For details of the event, please see the attached flyer. Please note that as this session is delivered by UPS staff, there is no ticket fee, but in order to help us plan for numbers we ask that parents and carers register for the event via TryBooking. If your children need to accompany you, supervision will be available for the duration of the session.

UPS Education & Wellbeing Committee