Welcome back to a chilly term 3; I hope you have had a relaxing and enjoyable couple of weeks with the kids. It has been great seeing their smiling faces, delighted (mainly) to be back at school.

We would like to extend a warm welcome to new students and their families who have commenced at our school this week:

Leo Nikolic and Elias Banei (Room 10); Aamina Dars (Room 24); Jak Skinner (Room 11) and Aaliya Dars (Room 17).

We also welcome staff commencing at our school this term: Anita McCurdie (in Room 1 for this term while Brenton Hillard is on long service leave); Pip Tonkin (commencing next week in Room 22); Rachel Hentschke (with Room 10 for the first 5 weeks of term while Glenys Berry is on leave, and in Room 15  from week 6 when Anna Taylor heads off on maternity leave); Kira Matiscak (an SSO, supporting literacy programs across the school).

Over the break, the landscaping near Peppertree Building (Campus 1) was completed, with two new trees (crepe myrtles), bench seating, paving and a new garden bed.  We would like to thank and acknowledge the work of the Facilities Committee in driving this  project.  I would also like to thank our  Community and Fundraising Committee 2018 for their hard work in organizing the many fundraising events that made this possible.

We hope to see you at our next Quiz Night, coming up on Saturday 31 August, so we can continue the resourcing of new projects to enhance the learning environment at our school.