Thanks to Sasindu and Ava for showcasing our school uniform in this photo! Over the last week, teachers and students have discussed our school uniform policy. Classes have revisited our dress code and highlighted some key points, as outlined here:

School clothing must be free of graphics or writing and in the navy blue school colour.


Appropriate for the school’s emphasis on daily activity e.g. polo shirts, windcheaters, rugby tops, track tops, skivvies, jumpers – navy blue and/or white only

  • School sanctioned including UPS Production T shirts & UPS Harmony Shirts
  • SAPSASA tops can only be worn for 4 weeks after the event
  • Navy blue or white scarves may be worn in the winter months
  • Specially printed Yr 7 zippered top & polo shirt for their final year of primary schooling
  • Clothing must cover shoulders and torso

To read our school dress code in full, click here.