The Education and Wellbeing Committee is pleased to share that 113 parents participated in the review survey of the Unley Primary School Homework Policy. While, on balance, there is support for the change in policy, we have received a range of perspectives from families which will help us as we refine how it is implemented.

It was interesting to note that a majority of parents have understood the policy to be a ‘no homework’ policy. We encourage parents to familiarise themselves with the policy in full, as it does allow for teachers to set tasks for students when it is deemed necessary. For example, the policy states:

Importantly, homework will not be assigned to fill a mandated time quota.


Homework tasks that are assigned will be purposeful and may include:

  • Daily reading – duration to be determined by the class teacher in partnership with parents/caregivers
  • Completing unfinished tasks
  • Activities to consolidate learning if an area has been identified for further development
  • Possibly a weekly task, at the discretion of the teacher

Responses to the survey indicated that a significant majority of parents felt the change in policy has reduced the pressure on family life and lowered feelings of homework-related stress and anxiety.

The survey identified that the key area for further development is the need to help parents have a better understanding of their children’s learning at school, enabling them to monitor their children’s achievement more effectively. Unley Primary School staff and leadership are committed to finding the most effective ways to achieve this.

Some parents feel strongly about the question of whether homework encourages students to develop organisational skills. Also, the impact of homework on high-school readiness is a matter of debate for some parents.

The survey also revealed that while many parents found the 74 Fun Things To Do Out Of School list helpful, the majority were not aware that there is also a regularly updated bank of home-learning ideas on the school blog. Those who did know about the blog page found it helpful, so we’d encourage all parents and carers to take a look by clicking here.

Unley Primary School staff will continue to monitor the impact of the homework policy in light of student wellbeing and achievement data. The school’s aim is to ensure consistently high levels of student achievement and engagement underpinned by strong student wellbeing.

We are grateful to those parents who completed the survey; their detailed and thoughtful responses are invaluable in finetuning the implementation of the policy throughout the school so that all students are able to achieve their potential, both academic and extra-curricular, and all families are able to feel engaged in their children’s learning.

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UPS Education and Wellbeing Committee