Making changes to the family routine and finding time to introduce new things at home can be tricky. This is one of the reasons why the Education and Wellbeing Committee developed the 74 Fun Things To Do Out Of School resource – to help parents involve their children in changing how they spend their time out of school. The committee is working on regularly posting ideas for ways parents can support their child’s social, cognitive, emotional and physical development at home. This week, why not encourage your child to spend some time in the natural world with the following idea from an UPS family?

Go outside and sit or lie under a tree. Close your eyes for a minute. How many different bird sounds can you hear? Can you match the bird to the sound? Try to find out a little bit about each bird you hear using a book, the internet, or friends/ family.

For further inspiration on how you can bring nature and adventure into your family’s life, visit the Nature Play SA website¬†here.