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A trip to Oceanic Victor In-sea Aquarium!

In Term 1, Ms. Lindon entered her class into an online competition to go and swim with the tuna at the Oceanic Victor In-Sea Aquarium. We were extremely surprised to find out that we were lucky enough to win after… Continue Reading →

Instrumental Music Lessons in 2019

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If your child wishes to apply to start learning or continue learning an instrument at Unley in 2019, applications are now open. This year, all the information is available on the UPS website. www.unleyps.sa.edu.au Click on – ‘Student Activities’’ –… Continue Reading →

Roman History in Room 2

The students in Room 2 have been studying Roman History. In particular, they have been learning about “Legacies of Ancient Rome” and “Roman Technology”. In Term 4, student are designing and building models of Roman structures like arched walls, acqua ducts… Continue Reading →

Poetry by Room 2

This term Room 2 are doing an anthology of poems in English. We have been learning about a range of poems, including, but not limited to: – Kennings – Diamante – Ballad – Haiku And there are many more. The… Continue Reading →

Scarecrow Competition – Royal Adelaide Show with Room 14

Room 14 had so much fun making this Scarecrow to enter in the Royal Adelaide Show Scarecrow Competition. We thought it would be a great opportunity to celebrate Book Week by choosing one our our favourite book characters, The Gruffalo…. Continue Reading →

BOOK WEEK Mandy Foots – Visiting Illustrator with Room 11

  “My favourite book is the Footy Final. I like it because I like footy.” Paul “I learnt that if you want to be a better drawer just ask someone that is already good at drawing to help you with… Continue Reading →

The Village Green – Ready for Lunch Orders Week 2

Qkr! App – Family How to Guide Menu + Ingredients List

Introducing Mademoiselle Bee with Rooms 11 & 12

We helped the environment by making a bee hotel. We learnt learned that people kill bees by spraying them and the gardens with chemicals. Ava Today I saw bees. Bees are cool. Bees are great flyers. I want to see… Continue Reading →

Investigating Places – Art with Room 17

Room 17 embarked on an inquiry journey this term, investigating places and how we are connected to them. What a perfect time to delve into some multi media art work! First we viewed and sketched a simple city skyline, noticing… Continue Reading →

Room 24 artists on show

Room 24 students have been learning about famous artists and then creating an art piece that is similar. Last week we learnt about an Australian artist, Ken Done. We created our own versions of the colourful Sydney Harbour. They are… Continue Reading →

Room 7 Goes to Urrbrae Farm

Last Wednesday Room 7 went on a big bus to visit Urrbrae Farm. We had some big students take us around the farm. They explained about how they care and look after the animals, and how they run the farm…. Continue Reading →

Room 8 host some special visitors!

On Thursday the 24th of May, 4 Officers from the South Australia Police: Norwood Station visited the Reception students of room 8, as part of their unit of work on keeping safe. Prior to the visit, students recorded what they… Continue Reading →


In Greek class we learn “Ellinika” Our topic this term is “The family”. Pop into the Greek room to see our beautiful family trees.

Learning in Italian

The students have been learning about animals and the body in Italian this term. In particular the Year 6/7’s have been studying Mythology and how to write descriptive sentences about Mythical Creatures, like the Chimera.

As part of our History learning this term, the Reception children in Room 8 have started by wondering about and noticing interesting features of their own families. We have made Family Trees and the green leaves are to show our ‘Family Living’  and… Continue Reading →

Writing from Room 21

In Room 21 we have been focussing on our writing skills. We would like to share Sam’s narrative with you. Harry gambolled around the green meadow, helping the sheep run into it. He then sprinted back to the farm, licked… Continue Reading →

Bike Education Program

Rooms 22, 18 and 19 participated in a 6 week Bike Education Program. Every Monday we brought our bikes to school and learnt about different bike safety rules. We began each lesson with an ABC check…. A = air in… Continue Reading →

Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden

Children from room 18,19 and 22 participate in the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at UPS. They learn many skills such as how to be safe in the kitchen and cooking techniques as well as developing gardening skills. This week Paul from… Continue Reading →

English as an Additional Language or Dialect

The 3/4 EAL/D students (English as an Additional Language or Dialect) were involved in a fun end-of-term activity using individual white boards  – even that was enjoyable – and shielded their work from each other. Following this they listened to… Continue Reading →

Greek News

The annual Greek Glendi Festival was held last week. UPS’ contribution to the schools display was striking and very popular. It is currently adorning the walls of the Greek Room and the front foyer for all of us to enjoy…. Continue Reading →

Italian – Carnevale

The Year 3s have just finished learning about Carnevale, a special celebration that happens in Italy this time every year.    

Room 24 News

             The Year 3’s in Guided Inquiry have been busy learning about how Indigenous Australians have a “strong connection to their country”. We have looked at the art created by Bronwyn Bancroft, an Aboriginal illustrator. She… Continue Reading →

Room 7 News

Room 7 have begun to practise activities in teams in readiness for Sports Day. We have been learning how to do the Egg and Spoon Race and Tunnel Ball. Come along to the Market Stall on April 6th and adopt… Continue Reading →

Meteorite Landing with Room 2

When the year 6/7’s of Mrs Lindon’s class walked into science one Tuesday morning they were expecting a normal lesson… but they were wrong! Eric had a special surprise for them – a real meteorite from space! This meteorite is… Continue Reading →

Greek News

Yiasou, Kalimera and Kalispera ! We have had a fantastic start to the year in our Greek classes and have been enjoying lots of learning. Come and visit to see our fabulous achievements so far. We have learnt our greetings… Continue Reading →

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