On Saturday 21st September, 39 students from the Year 6/7 Choir sang in the Festival of Music at the Festival Theatre. Unley students looked fantastic in their concert uniforms and enjoyed singing as part of a 400 student massed choir.


The choir have worked hard all year to learn the repertoire and choreography in preparation for the concert. Unley students were very focused and polished in their presentation being row 9 and row 1.


Congratulations to Inez Hill-Thomson and Renee Ng who sang solos at the concert. They were both confident, articulate and sang beautifully.


Congratulations to Ricky Ye who performed a piano solo as a guest artist at the Festival of Music. Ricky performed a classical medley on a grand piano in front of the packed Festival Theatre crowd. Ricky played with precision and confidence and to perform as a guest artist is an amazing achievement.


The students should feel very proud of their achievements.