Ben gave some Apple badges and we made a movie. I made a football movie. It was fun everyone’s movies were excellent.


On 30thAugust we took the bus to the Apple Store. As soon as we got there we met Ellen, Jarryd and Ben. We made a layout for our movie my group were making. Our movie was called Grand Final Day. The story was that Adelaide win the grand final against Geelong by one point. At the end we all watched a mini movie marathon. Shortly after that we had the bus back to school. I loved the Apple Store.


The Apple Store excursion was very fun and we got these badges from Ben. He is an instructor from the Apple Store. It was soooooo fun! I couldn’t believe my eyes as we made a movie called ‘Jungle Picnic’. Emily was the cute bunny and I was a magic unicorn and Georgie was a little girl Ella.


I made a AFL movie it was a very cool movie and I scored a goal it was the best day ever because we made a football match and the crowd cheered yah yah yah!!!


Room 11 excitedly walked to the Apple Store in Rundle Mall. Ben, Ellen and Jarryd were our helpers and we made really amazing movies. My group of Olivia, Charlotte, Eva and I made a movie called ‘Two Girls Chatting’. I was the robber.


On Friday 30thof August Room 11 went to the Apple Store in Rundle Mall. We caught a bus from Unley Primary to Rundle Mall and then we walked to the Apple Store. We met Ben, Ellen and Jarryd. We made movies and had a movie marathon. It was really fun!


We made movies and I was in a group with Hannah and Hareem and Hannah’s mum Emma. We had to make a story board and we had to plan out everything. It was so good at the Apple Store. It was the best field trip every especially making the movie.


Ellen helped our group to make a good movie. It was a fun day!!! My movie was called ‘Two Girls Chatting’. There was a thief that stole the iPads, but Olivia saved the day it was a fantastic day! My actors in the movie Zara, Eva, Charlotte and Olivia.


At the Apple Store we made a movie called ‘Flushed Down The Toilet’. It was so funny. Hammy and Frank were in my group.