Parents of children with learning difficulties in SA have joined forces to advocate for the revolutionary cognitive brain training Arrowsmith Program to be available in Adelaide.

Barbara Arrowsmith-Young created The Arrowsmith Program based on her own severe learning difficulties, to avoid a life of compensation, and improve her own life.

Although she was very intelligent, she read and wrote everything backwards, couldn’t understand concepts or relationships in language, and constantly got lost, even in people’s homes.

Piecing together all she knew about the brain in her mid-20s, she set about training her own brain. She invented exercises to address 19 different learning dysfunctions that underlie many learning difficulties.

These exercises radically improved her brain functioning in very specific ways, and the changes had flow-on effects to all other parts of her life as well.

This struggle has been described in her book ‘The Woman Who Changed Her Brain’ (a revised edition was released 23 January 2019).

Her profound improvement after working at these exercises led to her forming the Arrowsmith School in Toronto in 1978.

Until recently, South Australian children who wished to benefit from the Arrowsmith brain-changing program would have to travel to Canada.

During the last few years more than 20 schools in NSW, Victoria, WA, and Queensland have adopted the program.

The Arrowsmith Program in South Australia is now in its third year. During that time some students have also participated in ‘Intensive’ Courses in Thailand and Canada. The Arrowsmith School has also rolled out remote program that can be done from home.

We invite you to our panel afternoon, where you can come and ask questions from parents who have participated in some of these excellent programs. For more information and to book online, click here.