Our Student Representative Council (SRC) has organised a fundraiser to support people who are affected by cancer. We have been learning about cancer and the impact it has on families. Year 7 student,¬†Angelia, shared a special story with us. She told us about her Aunty Gina who unfortunately has been diagnosed with cancer. To help Aunty Gina get through this battle, she goes to chemotherapy every Friday. Her dear sister Jackie, Angelia’s Mum, supports her immensely by always being by her side and telling her, ‘it’s going to be okay’.

One day, when Jackie was going to visit Aunty Gina during chemotherapy, a lady in the elevator noticed she was wearing odd shoes. Jackie didn’t even realise, and when the lady pointed it out, it sparked the idea for this fundraiser. We shared the story with the SRC team, and we all agreed it was a great way to raise money for such an important cause.

We invite all students to wear odd shoes to school on Tuesday 25 June and bring a donation to go towards Cancer Council SA.  Thank you for your support.

Written by Eshal and Angelia on behalf of the SRC