This year our school is focusing on students’ writing as a key goal for improvement. In celebration of this, we would like to publish on Unley Primary School News a regular sample of students’ writing. Our first narrative is by Year 4 student, James Thomas:

Amazed at her work, the little girl thought she might try to push open the door. She did, and incredibly, it worked. The magical crayon-drawn door opened into a world of colour, creativity and imagination. Inside was a lush green forest, with a slow stream and wonderful blue lanterns. Suddenly, all of her negative thoughts disappeared and she began walking downstream into a world limited only by her imagination. Her head still hadn’t taken it all in, but she had reached a small jetty on the river’s edge. Magically floating on the river was her red crayon. Staring in wonderment, the little girl picked up the crayon to draw a boat. She wanted to sail away further from the grey sadness that had been her home for so long.