Our Governing Council and Finance Committee have met and considered, amongst other things, the materials and services charges for 2019.

A modest rise, from $400 to $410 has been suggested. A draft invoice is attached as a link, below.

We believe this represents good value and compares favourably with many of our local schools which are typically in excess of this amount.

If you would like a chance to discuss this fee you are invited to our next Finance Committee meeting on Tuesday 4th December at 5.30pm. Alternately, parents may express their views in writing to the Governing Council Chairperson, Christos Tsonis, prior to this meeting (christos.tsonis@cxtlegal.co.au)

We will then poll all school families to ratify the rates for the coming year.

Please get in touch should you wish to discuss this further.



Peter O’Sullivan

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