In Term 1, Ms. Lindon entered her class into an online competition to go and swim with the tuna at the Oceanic Victor In-Sea Aquarium. We were extremely surprised to find out that we were lucky enough to win after many had almost forgotten about the event.
On the 25th of October, Room 2 departed school on a once in a lifetime experience down to the Oceanic Victor, to swim with beautiful wildlife. The whole class was very excited to be able to swim with the amazing Southern Bluefin Tuna, Port Jackson Sharks and Snapper.
We arrived at Victor at 10:30 am and after a quick break we started to cross the causeway. After a short safety talk from the crew, we boarded the catamaran named ‘Tuna Express’ and took a quick 5 minute trip to the in-sea aquarium. We got suited up in our newly received 3mm thick wetsuits specifically designed to allow the students to float. After that the class was split into two groups (Year 7 and Year 6). There were two in-sea swimming pools, one with massive tuna, and another with Snapper and Port Jackson sharks. The Year 6s swam with the Snapper and Port Jackson Sharks while the Year 7 students swam with the giant Southern Bluefin Tuna!
We were given the opportunity to hand feed the tuna by holding small pilchards in the water or just above the water and then we waited until the tuna would swim up and snatch the fish from our hands. Some people put the Pilchards on a long metal stick and held them above the water.
We learnt many interesting facts about Oceanic Victor and the fish. Did you know that Southern Bluefin Tuna can reach up to 2.5 metres in length and weigh over 200 kgs? Oceanic Victor is actually originally from Port Lincoln, and they had to transport the giant 74 tonne in-sea aquarium over 300 km to Victor Harbor – the trip took 7 whole days!
After about one and a half hours of swimming with the amazing fish it was time to get out of the water, get changed and go down to the underwater aquarium to look at the fish in more detail. After that we boarded the catamaran to go back home. We arrived at Granite Island and started our walk back over the causeway, back to the bus. After we crossed the causeway we had a quick lunch and boarded the bus to get back to school.
Everybody had a great day of swimming with big exotic fish that you only find in the open ocean. People also learnt a lot about the tuna and other fish – we learnt how to tell a male fish from a female fish and also how to keep the oceans healthy so the fish can breed.