Every year our staff place great importance on, and dedicate much time to, class placements for the following year. When we commence the process of placing students into classes for 2019 we look to achieve a balance of the academic, social and emotional needs of students.

As a part of the process we invite parents to submit any information you think we should take into account when placing your child in a class. Please understand that this is not an invitation to nominate a particular teacher, but you may wish to comment upon additional educational considerations and factors such as family/sibling concerns, friendships or special needs.

At this stage we are still not certain what the class structure will look like as we are still receiving enrolments for 2019. Teachers will be consulting with students in the coming weeks to ensure some balance of friendship possibilities and compatibility with learning partners.

Please ensure that you communicate these in writing to Peter or Julie by the start of Week 4, Monday 5th November. Alternately you may wish to email us on: peter.osullivan226@schools.sa.edu.au or  julie.porteous567@schools.sa.edu.au

Final class placements will be announced in Week 9 of this term.