The process of writing, editing, and re-writing, with the aim of a piece of writing being published, was the focus for Room 21 throughout Term 3. Lillian worked through this process to produce the piece below titled ‘The Old Railway’.

The old railway

From the trees perspective

I love it when the old steam train races past the forest and me and all the air rushes through our delicate leaves.

But that was years ago when I was a young sapling in 1911. That was the year the railway closed down because the line was unsafe and the wood had started to rot. That day was such a sad, sad day for us.

ZZRUM ZZRUM. Oh no! That was a sound of a chainsaw. I’m only 12 years old. I’m too young to die I thought to myself. I saw the wood cutter slice down my friend. The wood cutter was about to chop me in half for fire wood but in that split second, the rundown steam train sped past. The young man was terrified. The sound of the steam train scared him away but before he left the railway forest, the forest guards captured the young man and called the ranger to give him a fine for trespassing and cutting down the trees.

That evening the forest guards had just started planting hundreds of trees to replenish the forest and to save some rare endangered species of trees.

Written by Lillian Meaney