Tuesday 25th September

The highlight of my SAPSASA calendar was taking the students listed below to Santos Stadium to compete in their individual events that they won at District Athletics Day. After District Day these students continued to train hard both at school and at home. Thank you again to Oscar Asbanu for training the track athletes, Lucy Appleton for her training of our shot-put athletes and also to the parents for their support. It was a “Big Stage” for our athletes to compete at. I am so proud of how they took on the challenge and were so competitive in their field. In each event there is an average of 20 students competing from all the different metropolitan districts.

Our field event athletes all were placed between 5th and 7th, which is a fantastic outcome. Special mention to Ben Beaven for coming 5th in his first year throwing shot put and to Sandra Morgan for coming 5th in her last year of primary competition at shot put.


Hannah Mulhall –13yr – Discus

Zac Altamura -11yr – Discus

Evie Sangster – 10yr – High Jump

Ben Beaven – 10yr – Shot Put

Jack Appleton – 11yr –Shot Put

Sandra Morgan – 13yr – Shot Put


All of our track athletes were very competitive and had many races throughout the day after qualifying for finals in individual and relay events. I’d like to highlight our two 10 year old runners, competing at this level for the first time. Jack Davis came 7th in his 100m final and Joseph Hewson came 4th in his 800m final.


Bobby Bosisto Stuart– 13yr – Relay

Nate Lessure – 12yr – 100m – 200m

Jack Davies – 10yr – 100m

Andile Ndlovu – 11yr – 100m – 200m

Joseph Hewson – 10yr – 800m

Next year the SAPSASA program has some significant changes. District Athletics will be held Week 1, Term 2 on Tuesday 30th April. Trainings for athletics events will be throughout Term 1.

Swimming Week 7 – Term 1

Cross Country Week 6 _ Term 2


SAPSASA / Di Murray