At the beginning of this year, Unley Primary School’s new homework policy came into effect. The policy was developed during 2017, based on current educational research and in consultation with students, staff and parents.

The policy stresses the importance of children having time for recreation, free-play, extra-curricular activities and quality time with their families. Of course, based on research, daily reading at home continues to be important, teachers may require students to complete unfinished classwork at home, and there are occasions when tasks are set to consolidate learning if it is deemed necessary, but the basic policy is that homework is not to be set for the purpose of filling a mandated time quota.

It is important to note that Unley Primary does not have a ‘no homework’ policy, but takes an evidence-informed approach to the setting of homework.

To help staff and the Education & Wellbeing Committee (comprised of parents and members of staff) to review the Homework Policy, we ask that you take the time to complete this online survey by clicking here. Individual responses are anonymous.

Your feedback will help inform the policy review process next term.