Asking your child to create and complete an obstacle course in the house or backyard requires them to use planning and organisation skills, as well as their imagination!

The course pictured here from The Crafty Mummy helps develop children’s motor skills and coordination.

  • Grab a bean bag from the basket in the living room
  • Through the tunnel – small table with a blanket over it
  • 3 Star jumps
  • Over the chairs – a little row of small kid size chairs
  • Stand on the spot and toss the bean bag into the bucket (about 2 metres away)
  • Hop on the “bike” (toddler’s ride-on)
  • Ride down the hall to the wash basket
  • Hop off the bike
  • Stand in the basket and do a “happy dance” (happy singing optional!)
  • Go down the hall to the cushion
  • Jump over the cushion to the mattress (the old cot mattress for a softer landing)
  • Turn around and come all the way back doing everything again!

Once your course is set up, you can have challenges: Who can do it the fastest? How many times can you do it in 2 minutes?