It was certainly very strange walking down Carrington street in my pyjamas and slippers on Friday morning for an appointment, but it was all for a good cause!

Last week on Friday the 7thof September, the SRC and the school held a fundraiser to raise money for the farmers affected by the country’s recent drought, and show our support towards those affected.  As a school, we managed to raise $1,725.30, which may just be a school record for an SRC fundraiser.

This will make a huge difference in supporting our farmers, and shows how great of a school community we have. On behalf of the SRC, we would like to thank all the students and teachers who participated in the fundraiser, and particularly the parents who gave their students donations to bring to school.

A special congratulation goes to the students from room 24, who raised $140.70 and to the runners up, room 11, who raised $133.80!

Written by Audrey on behalf of the SRC Executive