Australian Survivor is a big, must-see TV series that many families watch. Can our own students from Unley Primary School live up to the Survivor name?

From week five of this term, students from every middle and upper primary class have been taking part in this new Unley Primary School challenge. School Survivor is led by the student leadership team and takes place during lunchtime each Wednesday. Each class’s lucky pair participates in a range of challenges designed to use their physical and intellectual abilities, as well as testing their patience, persistence and teamwork skills.

At the end of the competition there has to be a winner, so each week at least one class is eliminated. In the first round of the competition, all of the classes were up against a ‘monster elimination!’ This meant only half of the teams participating would make it to the next round.

For the first challenge, the classes were split into two teams – A and B. Their minds were tested with some riddles, they built a giant jenga tower using all of their given blocks, and for the final challenge each team were allowed 3 crates and 2 planks of wood to get their whole team to the other side of the netball court without touching the ground!

With 6 remaining classes, the next week’s challenge was also very intense! Because of the hot weather, the student leadership team decided to include water with an obstacle course and relay. Each class used a small plastic cup to carry water from one end of the netball turf to the other. To get to the other side, the pairs needed to be steady and patient and balance on planks of wood, jump from crate to crate, and limbo under a stick of bamboo. At the end of the court, the contestants filled their remaining water into their jug, and once the 10 minutes was up, the class who had collected the most amount of water, with the losing class being eliminated.

Five eager classes are still in the competition: Rooms 1, 2, 24, 18, and 22, and all have a chance of winning the inaugural School Survivor title in 2018.

Written by Amelia S