This term Room 2 are doing an anthology of poems in English. We have been learning about a range of poems, including, but not limited to:
– Kennings
– Diamante
– Ballad
– Haiku
And there are many more. The poems here are: a ‘Selfie Poem’ by Zoe as well as ‘Mind World’ by Lily.
Please enjoy reading!

Mind World
A twist, a turn, a lock of keys
Lock the doors you will never see
Smile and sing:
“We are wild and free,”
While drums and yells scream the beat.
Thoughts swirl, they whirl, bigger and bigger
Clouds and fog gets thicker and thicker
Navigating through mazes of life,
New worlds and thoughts colliding.
We scream, we fight, we laugh and cry,
Grinning until our faces split
On a rolling ocean of happy and sad,
Figuring out where I fit.
Songs, lights, the beat, the rhythm
The sound of a pencil to paper.
Scribbling through the ways of life,
Our love forever deeper.
By Lily

I am sitting at my desk
In the school of UPS
I am proud of all I’ve done
‘specially all the games I’ve won

I’ve had science already today
and I sit next to Abbie-Mae
our class novel is now Holes
in which everyone looks like moles
by Zoe