The Village Green began delivering a new range of lunch order food choices for students and staff at Unley Primary School at the start of Term 3. We are pleased with the range of healthy food options, locally sourced ingredients and sustainable practices The Village Green shares with us. Feedback from families is always welcome to help us meet the needs of our school community. Thank you to those of you who have provided feedback so far. We have met with Sara from Village Green who is responsive to suggestions and keen to make this a success.

Lunch Orders are conveniently managed via the Qkr! app. Download Qkr! from the App Store and search for Unley Primary School. Register for each of your children and place orders to their individual classrooms as needed. A full menu and detailed ingredients list is available via Skoolbag under Parent Information.

Monthly specials have started and are advertised electronically via, Skoolbag and class communication channels.