We helped the environment by making a bee hotel. We learnt learned that people kill bees by spraying them and the gardens with chemicals. Ava

Today I saw bees. Bees are cool. Bees are great flyers. I want to see more. Alice

I like seeing the bees fly around in the hive. Lucas

Bees have 5 eyes some or big and some are small. The bees only eat honey and pollen. Diyasha

If a bee stings you they die. We made a bee hotel for the native bees and insects to live in. Lucius

I learnt that you can fill a bowl with water, put rocks in it so the bees come and can have a drink of water from your bowl at home. The queen bee can lay 1000 eggs a day. When bees fly they make such a loud sound that you can hear them from far away. Lila

Girl bees only lay eggs and the queen bee lays the eggs. The boy bees are workers they picked the pollen and feed the babies. Stephanie

Mademoiselle Bee taught us about how we can be helpful and save all of the bees. We smelt a huge, enormous, sweet flavoured honeycomb. Ash

I did not know the queen bee can sting lots of times and not die. Kiara

What I learnt about bees was that when the bees eat the pollen and then vomit it up and that makes the honey. Paloma

I learnt there are 3 types of bees – a worker who has a stinger and dies, a drone does not have a stinger and there is only one queen bee in each hive. Mia

Today we made a Bee Hotel – we made it with sticks, bark and straws. Kosta

I liked it when we made the Bee Hotel and felt the bees wax. Paul

Thank you Mademoiselle Bee and bees because you showed us the bees and I really loved it.