On Thursday the 24th of May, 4 Officers from the South Australia Police: Norwood Station visited the Reception students of room 8, as part of their unit of work on keeping safe.
Prior to the visit, students recorded what they already knew regarding the role of Police in the community and also brainstormed a list of questions to ask the officers. Students even had the opportunity to have their picture taken inside a patrol car and listened to the siren as the officers drove away!
Students were extremely enthusiastic about the experience and were so excited to label and describe the parts of the police patrol car as a follow up activity in writing.
Here is what some of the students had to say about their experience:
“I never knew the Police had a tablet inside their car, it was really cool to get to see it!” – George
“The siren was louder than I expected, it was so exciting and weird” – Toby
“I learned that 000, is for fire, police and ambulance and we only call that number when there is an emergency.” – Georgie
“The police help people when they are in trouble, they are really brave.” – Nina
“I liked going in the police car. I was imagining I was a police officer. There was a computer in the car.” – Avalene
“I found out that to become a police officer, you need to do special training and learn to run fast.”- Lachlann