Our school’s app, SkoolBag, is being updated with some improvements to give you more control over the content and notifications you receive.

You do not need to download an update, however, you will notice some changes when using the app.

Save Subscription Group Settings across devices
You will be invited to set up a username and password when opening the app. These details will be saved to allow for quick access in the future. Your account details allow you to log into the SkoolBag app on different devices and see the same groups and subscription settings. After logging in, you will be prompted to subscribe to groups.





Groups Menu

The Groups icon at the bottom of the screen will now show information that only relates to the specific groups to which you’ve subscribed. You can modify these group settings at any time if you decide to change your group preferences.


Personalised Notifications
Once logged into SkoolBag, the notification icon in the upper right corner will only appear in relation to your notification preferences. For example, if you have subscribed to the Ski Trip Group, you will see a notification icon when updates have been pushed out to that Group.

You will still have access to information about the whole school via the “Home” section, but these changes will help you tailor our app to better suit your needs.