Throughout Term 1 and the first two of weeks this term, Room 21 learnt how to write a range of text types including both persuasive and narrative. This year, the writing component of last week’s tests required students to write a persuasive text. Room 21 was certainly ready!
Here’s an example of a persuasive text, written by Sam, as part of the class learning about different text types.

Cats Make Terrible Pets
Cats are domestic animals that like living with or near people. There are tabby cats, stray cats and well-bred cats like the Russian Blue. Cats live everywhere in the world except the polar regions. Here are three fantastical reasons why cats make absolutely terrible pets.
Firstly, cats do not just catch rats and mice, but also birds and small wildlife creatures. All types of cats are unkind to the natural environment. They are therefore dangerous predators to almost half of all small animals alive today!
In addition, cats lash out with retractable claws at humans and furniture. Cats are almost the worst pets to sit with as they will most likely sink their claws – or teeth! – into your skin. As they saunter around the house, they may also leave a trail of damage behind them, making no movement for apology.
Finally, cats often sprint away from the house chasing imaginary mice. Sometimes they enjoy it so much that they never even come back!
If you have just bought supplies for your cat when that happens, unfortunately you have wasted your money.