On Monday afternoon the Reception to Year 4 classes enjoyed participating in a performance about reducing the materials that we send to landfill and reusing and recycling our resources to help look after the environment.

The show educated the younger generation on how to help our planet by reducing waste. Sadly, landfill is full of recyclable materials that can be used to create new objects that we use in our everyday life. This is a huge problem in our world and something we can all help fix by making small changes today.

Some classes are hoping to take on the Less to Landfill Challenge of reducing their landfill waste to a mini bin, the size of a drinking cup (pictured below). Maybe you can try the small waste bin challenge at your house. For further information, click hereĀ http://www.wow.sa.gov.au

The show also taught us to reuse and then recycle our resources, making sure to use the correct bins.

It was an excellent show with a touch of magic and creativity. Thank you to Unley Council who sponsored this initiative.

Stay tuned for weekly updates from the Green Team with ways you can Reduce, Reuse and Recycle at home!

Written by Grace and Amanda, Green Team Ambassadors