In Room 21 we have been focussing on our writing skills. We would like to share Sam’s narrative with you.

Harry gambolled around the green meadow, helping the sheep run into it. He then sprinted back to the farm, licked the farmer’s wife and sat down in his basket, not noticing that he had not chased the last sheep through the gate and had let it slip away silently down the lane.

Farmer Philip was counting the sheep. One, two, three…. His voice trailed off. There was a sheep missing!! He went inside to tell his wife. Harry heard this conversation and pricked up his ears. What! A sheep that faithful Harry had missed? He hung his head in shame.

Harry lay down again. He couldn’t sleep. All of a sudden, he heard a frightened bleat. He waited to see if it would rouse the farmer, but no footsteps came, so he padded out silently on a midnight adventure of his own.

Harry could see the silhouette of a sheep at the top of Rangers’ Peak. He kept walking till he got to the bottom of the colossal hill, then let out the loudest bark he’d ever done. Woolie fled from the top of his hiding-place. Harry ran after him, still barking. Finally they came to the sheeps’ meadow, and without too much noise, managed to get Woolie to jump over the gate.

Farmer Philip came in from counting the sheep. He had a strange expression on his face. He wondered if Harry had managed to find the missing sheep. He looked at Harry. Harry winked, and the farmer grinned.

By: Sam