Written by Amelia Scales

Is a child’s mindset made from birth or born from experience?

For the past few weeks, the SRC Executive have been organising their first student-run charity event for “Time for Kids”. On Thursday Week 11, we will be holding a coin lineup competition and casual clothes day.

A gold coin donation would be greatly appreciated, and there will be a battle between each class, to have the longest line of coins when laid one after the other, on the basketball court. The winning class will get a prize, and parents: this is a great way to get rid of all your spare change!

“Time for Kids” was founded in 1960 by William Scales, who was the magistrate in charge of the juvenile court (now known as the youth court). During his time there, he found a lot of children that did not have the same experiences as most of us. He felt deeply for these children, and realised they didn’t have the same support as others.

“Time for Kids” matches children and young people aged from 2-18 years old with volunteers who can spend time with them on a regular basis. This time provides much-needed support for children, and gives them a time to take a break from their normal environment or what can be a stressful home life.

To return to our original question, we believe that the experiences and relationships a child has in their early years of life can affect their brain development enormously. We know that positive experiences can help children and young people develop in healthy ways and we believe “Time for Kids” provides excellent support for children in this regard.

Thank you for your support of this worthy cause. For further information please visit: timeforkids.com.au or call 08 8440 8500