At our recent AGM we had an opportunity to report to our school community on our achievements in 2017 and our plans for the year ahead. Many thanks to those who came along to share in this.
Congratulations and thank you also to the following UPS parents who have nominated and been elected to the following sub-committees and Governing Council for 2018:
Governing Council
Sophie Morrell, Richard van Ruth, Christos Tsonis, Manuel Kopsaftis, Toby Carter, Stacey Thomas, Kym Masters, David Firth, Simon Steele, Andrew Burton, and (OSCARS rep)
Finance Committee
Jason Dix, Lisa Pritchard and Kym Masters
Facilities Committee
Dirk de Jong, Phil Burton, Richard Strever, Con Kassapis, Ewan Thompson, Will Snow, Adam Hudson, Mark Rodda, Luke Foster, Nick Apps,
Education and Wellbeing Committee
Liz Jarvis, Kirsty Esvelt Allen, Angela Kypreos, Andrew Burton, Tom Griffith, Richard Wiseman
Sports Committee
Ben Whelan, Adam Hudson, Tim Allen, Richard Wiseman
Community and Fundraising Committee
Michelle Green, Bianca Koch, Michelle Wasiewicz, Bec French, Jackie Meaney, Kaycee Becker, Melissa McRoe, Caroline Manuel, Mario Valenti, Celeste Frost, Sam Kopsaftis, Lauren Jones, Jessica Martin, Lisa Sculley, Teri Koufalas, Lucy Appleton, Nes Kutuk

Please get in touch if you would like to join one of these wonderful committees.