Classroom music lessons are underway with each class attending a one hour music lesson in the music room each week. I am working Tuesday – Friday and we have Emily Robinson teaching Music to the year 1/2 students on Mondays.

The year 6/7 students have been learning a song and improvising with a piece of paper – who said you need instruments to create music! They have been creating graphic scores of their compositions.

Rooms 18, 19 and 22 have been learning a tongue twister called ‘Wibbleton to Wobbleton’. They have been working hard to try and say the chant really fast. They have had fun creating different body percussion moves to help them learn the chant.

Rooms 23, 24, 21 and 20 have been learning a chant about being Unique. They have been playing the rhythm of the chant on their bodies and instruments and this week we have moved on to drumming on chairs.

The Junior Primary students have been revising how to play the instruments in the music room and working on their beat and rhythmic awareness.

The new Reception students have had their first few music lessons and are a delight to teach. They are so inquisitive and interested in all the instruments in the music room. This week they were acting out being a cuckoo bird and dancing with scarves and playing instruments along with a piece of classical music.

The school band has started rehearsals for the year and this year I have introduced some xylophones into the mix of instruments. This year the band is made up of guitars, ukuleles, drums, keyboards, flutes and xylophones.

The Senior Choir has started rehearsing for the Festival of Music to be held in Term 3 at the Festival Theatre. The choir have a set repertoire of songs to learn. There are about 40 students in year 6/7 who have chosen to be part of the choir this year. The sound is going to be amazing!

Susan Marshall – Music Teacher