Instrumental Music lessons are underway for 2018.

This year we have the following teachers teaching instruments at Unley.

Michelangelo Micelli – Drums

Matt Walters – Guitar

Brad Iversen – Guitar

Kathryn Zoumis – Piano

Jenny Finos – Piano

Lydia Burford – Piano

Stephanie Pols – Flute

Bethany Hill – Voice

Anne Rodda – DECD Strings

Ian Seaborn – DECD Classical Guitar

At the last count there are 118 students from years 3 – 7 who are learning an instrument at school in 2018.

Students are encouraged to stick to their instrument for the whole year but in the case that a child does not wish to continue, please let me know as well as the instrumental teacher.

Invoices will be sent out soon with the administration fee for being part of the instrumental music program as well as instrumental hire invoice where applicable.

Susan Marshall