We have had a fantastic start to the year in the library. Students have all come in with their classes for weekly borrowing.  Borrowing books from the library is an important step for children in becoming strong, life-long readers. It is a chance for them to select freely and choose books that are of interest to them.

There of course will be times when their selection will not always be the best fit, but that is part of the learning process and with regular practice they will get it right.  We are promoting the borrowing of picture books, novels, non-fiction, magazines, audio books, graphic novels from R-7 to enable children to experience the broad range of options as readers. We strongly encourage them to borrow, read and return regularly and would really appreciate home support with this.

Students in Rec-2 are expected to use a library bag to care for books. This can be any cloth bag that will fit a large picture or non-fiction book. We do have bags for sale for $6 in the library if you would like to purchase one.

Rec-Year 1 can borrow 2 books at a time, Year 2 can borrow three books, Years 3-4 can borrow six books and Years 5-7 can borrow eight books. Students have two weeks to read books before they will be overdue.  They can return and borrow every morning except Thursday between 8:30am and 9:00am. The library is also open after school for 20mins except Thursday.

If your child misplaces or loses a book, they will receive an overdue notice and will be asked to pay $5 towards the purchase of a new book. If the book is found and returned we will repay you the $5.  An overdue book prevents your child from borrowing until this is resolved.

Students will be introduced to the Premier’s Reading Challenge in week 3. Students are challenged to read 12 books from the start of the school year until September 7th. The challenge aims to stretch children as a reader to read a range of genres, authors and types of books. You can go to this website http://www.premiersreadingchallenge.sa.edu.au/PRC/

Students will then record the titles and authors of the books they read on the Student Reading Record sheet, which is kept in their classrooms.

For Reception – Year 7 students, at least 8 of the 12 books will be chosen from the Premier’s Reading Challenge booklist at the appropriate year level or at an appropriate literacy level for each student. A maximum of 4 books can be the student’s own choice and should be of a similar standard to books on the list. The books are identified in the library with different coloured stickers on the spine. Red Rec-Yr 2, Green Yrs 3-5, Yellow Yrs 6-9

They will be supported by their classroom teachers and the librarian throughout the year to achieve this.

Please feel free to come in to the library with your child or to discuss any aspect of the above or your child’s reading/borrowing needs with me at any time.

Regards Lynn Maddocks