As students, we experience many different changes throughout our schooling years. Sometimes these are personal changes, like changes that affect us at home, or affect our families, and sometimes these changes impact us at school. One common transition that students go through annually at UPS is changing year level.

As Year 7 students, the particularly significant transition from Year 5 to 6 is one that the SRC Executive team have all experienced. This term, we decided that supporting students making this shift was going to be a key area of focus – cue the Year 5-6 Transition Support Initiative, organised and facilitated by the SRC Executive. This program had two key aims, including giving the current Year 5 students an introduction to the upstairs building space, and providing the Year 6-7 group a chance to get to know one another before next year.

The initiative was held last Wednesday, shortly after lunch. It ran for approximately 40 minutes and activities within the session ranged from an icebreaker memory game to a Q&A session with questions from the Year 5 students directed to those in Year 6. The session proved to be a great opportunity for the students to get to know each other in preparation for next year.

The SRC would like to voice our thanks to both year levels who participated in the session last Wednesday. It was a definite success!

Written by Jasmine Esvelt on behalf of the SRC Executive